Sustainable Business Strategy

Our strategy has one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow – encompassing our core business as an automaker and new opportunities in mobility.

Reinventing Ford: Automotive and Mobility

Ford’s vision is people working together as a lean, global enterprise to make people’s lives better through automotive and mobility leadership.

We are continuing to invest in and strengthen our core business of designing, manufacturing, marketing, financing and servicing cars, SUVs, trucks and electrified vehicles.

At the same time, we’re aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities through Ford Smart Mobility – our plan to be a leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics.

In our journey to become an auto company and a mobility company, consumers are at the heart of our approach. Through new mobility offerings, we’re transforming how we interact with our customers to provide them a great experience.

Why Change?

Ford makes great vehicles but that’s no longer enough. To be successful 50 years from now, we need to adapt and transform to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.


Digital technology and the sharing economy are disrupting traditional patterns of car use and ownership

Air Quality

Congestion and air quality affect millions of people every day in cities across the globe


Vehicles and other forms of transportation emit greenhouse gases and contribute to climate change

Ford is responding to these global trends and challenges by leveraging our core strengths in automotive while driving innovation to create mobility solutions of the future

Creating Value

If we get it right, there are tremendous opportunities.

Ford’s strategy is not only to create profitable growth and economic value. The journey to become both an auto and a mobility company gives us important opportunities to foster human progress and sustain the environment.

For instance, as we continue to improve the fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions performance of our vehicles, our vision is to make Ford Smart Mobility solutions accessible to as many people as possible; helping individuals use different forms of transportation – not only cars and trucks – easing congestion, improving air quality and democratizing sustainable ways to move around.