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Ford Wins ‘Best Traditional-to-Mobile Transition’ Award at Global Mobile Internet Conference

  • Ford recognised by Asia’s largest and most influential industry event for its in-car connectivity technology
  • Ford SYNC and SYNC AppLink praised as technologies which will fundamentally change how customers consume mobile services and products in their cars
  • Ford is the only automaker to ever receive an award from the Global Mobile Internet Conference
BEIJING, May 8, 2013 – Ford Motor Company today was awarded the ‘Best Traditional-to-Mobile Transition’ award at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Asia’s largest and most influential industry event, for its in-car connectivity technology.
GMIC organisers said Ford’s award-winning SYNC system and SYNC AppLink program will fundamentally change the way people consume mobile services and products in their cars. Ford is the first automaker and first company from a traditional industry to ever receive an award from GMIC.
“We’re extremely proud to receive this award, which recognises the ground-breaking work the Ford team is doing in technology,” said Kumar Galhotra, vice president, Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific. “At Ford, we consider ourselves to be not just an auto company, but also a technology company. We are delivering class-leading in-car technologies to customers around the world, including technologies which enable our customers to stay connected in a simple and safe way while driving.”
Ford is the only automaker exhibiting at GMIC, which will be held in Beijing from May 7-8, bringing together industry leaders from across Asia and other parts of the world, from global internet and mobile companies, to entrepreneurs and new mobile startups.
The Ford stand will feature the new Ford Focus ST and an opportunity for visitors to have hands-on experience with SYNC and SYNC Applink.
SYNC is Ford’s voice-activated hands-free-in-car communications and infotainment system for mobile phones and digital media players that allows the driver to make and receive calls and play music from digital devices.
More than 5 million Ford cars and trucks have been sold with SYNC since it was introduced in 2007, and with it becoming increasingly available in Asia and Europe, is projected to be fitted on an additional 9 million vehicles by 2015.
Ford’s open platform approach to mobile device connectivity has helped SYNC stand out in the industry for its ease of use, allowing for continuous improvement of the user experience. Unlike embedded connectivity systems, SYNC does not allow access to the user’s stored contact information unless his or her phone is connected, ensuring a high level of privacy.
SYNC AppLink is a feature which gives drivers voice control of smart phone apps which will be introduced in markets across Asia Pacific as part of SYNC.
Ford aims to deliver an integrated experience with smartphone applications and the vehicle including app control through voice and in-vehicle buttons as well as the ability for the app to display information to the vehicle’s display. This integration occurs through Ford’s renowned Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows smartphone app developers to modify existing apps to work hands-free using voice recognition through SYNC. App developers can access the SDK through Ford’s developer website at
The SDK release has helped Ford to forge a more open and collaborative bond with the wireless, consumer electronics and app developer communities to create a safer and smarter in-car connectivity experience that leverages the mobile devices customers own and love.
“At Ford, we are committed to bringing the best global technologies to our customers and making them user-friendly,” Galhotra said. “SYNC and SYNC AppLink deliver value to our customers through smart and convenient features that help keep them connected to their digital lives in a safer, simpler and smarter way.”