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Statement: New Fast Charging Standards for Electric Vehicles

The following statement is attributable to David McCreadie, Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, Sustainable Business Strategies, Ford Motor Company
Ford is pleased to support the SAE International’s success in publishing the standard that will allow for electric vehicle charge times of 15 to 30 minutes, which augments and is compatible with the existing electric vehicle charging standard employed by all automakers in the U.S.
“Nearly all automakers approved this standard, and it will enable and facilitate EV customers to drive more all-electric miles,” said Mike Tinskey, associate director of Electrification and Vehicle Infrastructure.
Ford is proud to be an active participant in this collaboration of hundreds of engineering experts to produce a standard that is optimized in design to accommodate the largest number of automotive manufacturers. The design elements developed across global automakers, charging equipment suppliers, U.S. utility companies and the U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratories resulted in an optimized system to move the electric vehicle market forward through compatible standards with communication methods also optimized for future integration into the smart grid. This SAE standard is harmonized with the European standards organizations, and is also endorsed by all German automakers.
The complete press release issued by SAE can be found here: