Ford Volunteer Corps
Ford in the Community

Ford's Summer Interns Learn a Lesson in Community Service

Ford Motor Company's summer intern program is stocked with future engineers, finance majors, business students and others. It's a tremendous opportunity for these young men and women to build their resumes and show what they can do…even during summer shutdown week.

"Community service is an important part of who we are at Ford Motor Company and during shutdown the interns had a chance to fully experience the company's culture and values through volunteering," said Janet Lawson, director, Ford Volunteer Corps. "We put their youthful energy to good use helping people and showing the interns what we mean by Ford in the Community."

Ford Summer InternsThe Ford Volunteer Corps put more than 70 interns to work gardening and landscaping for some of Ford's nonprofit partners, or stocking and organizing food at a hunger relief agency. They spent two days in the field at Fish & Loaves, Arts & Scraps, the Detroit Zoo or Henry Ford Estate.

Ford summer interns come from across the country to learn about the auto industry. The unique bonus with this internship was the opportunity to provide 16 hours of service to the local community – a lesson that will last a lifetime.