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  • Game Changer: Ford Celebrates 100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line

    Game Changer: Ford Celebrates 100 Years of the Moving Assembly Line
  • House of Tomorrow Is a Reality Today Still Waiting on Flying Cars

    DEARBORN, Mich., April 4, 2013 – Most are familiar with the predictions of the 1950s, including the one that said we would be commuting in flying cars by the late-1990s, but you may not be as familiar with the Philco-Ford ideas about how today’s homes would operate.
  • Henry Ford's 148th Birthday Anniversary

    Henry Ford was born on this date in 1863, in what was then known as Greenfield Township, Michigan. He was the first of William and Mary (Litogot) Ford's six children and grew up on the family farm, located near the current intersection of Greenfield and Ford Roads.
  • True Horsepower: Ford of Britain at 100

    This week we've ploughed the archives to bring you the perfect illustration of Ford horsepower. On a typical British farm the farmer tends his cattle while the horses wonder whether the Ford Anglia's 36bhp is any match for them.
  • The Model T Put the World on Wheels

    Ford's "Tin Lizzie," also known as the Model T, put the world on wheels by making personal transportation affordable.
  • Village Industries Program

    Henry Ford created the Village Industries program to bring jobs and prosperity to small towns, while taking advantage of clean hydroelectric power and preserving local communities.