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Alternative and Flex Fuel Vehicles

Select Ford Motor Company vehicles are designed to run on E85 gasoline (a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol). Vehicles with flex fuel capabilities are marked in the vehicle description and fuel economy information boxes on the new vehicle window sticker.  Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV) will also have an E85 ethanol label on the fuel filler door.  If not labeled for FFV operation, only unleaded fuel blended with a maximum of 10% ethanol (often referred to as a summer blend) may be used.

Bi-Fuel vehicles that operate on a combination of gasoline and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) are also available. Not all Ford or Lincoln dealers are trained to service CNG-equipped vehicles.  To find a nearest CNG sales or servicing dealer, please use the Dealer Locator function at the Fleet Vehicles website and change the "Specialty Services" category to "Alternative Fuel - Natural Gas".

The above information applies to flexible fuel vehicles manufactured for use in the United States. For information regarding flexible fuel vehicles manufactured for use in other countries, please contact your country's Customer Relationship Center .

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