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Intelligent Access with Push Button Start


Intelligent Access with Push Button Start allows customers to access a vehicle with one touch, and then start the vehicle without ever getting the key out of their pocket or purse.
To enter the vehicle:

  • The system senses when the Intelligent Access Key is within range of the door and allows access to the vehicle with a touch of the SecuriCode Keyless Entry Keypad.
  • Once the Intelligent Access Key is sensed, the vehicle can be started by depressing the brake pedal and pressing the Engine Start/Stop button on the instrument cluster.
  • Intelligent Access also allows access to the trunk/rear hatch by simply pressing the switch above the rear license plate.

Safety Notes:

  • In a driving emergency where the engine needs to be shut-off, push and hold the Start/Stop button for 1.5 to 2 seconds and the engine will stop. Then shift into neutral and coast to the side of the road, or lightly press on the brake pedal and restart the engine using the Start/Stop button.
  • Vehicles that are also equipped with a Genuine Ford Accessories (GFA) Remote Start System have an enhanced safety feature that will turn the vehicle engine off in the event the vehicle doors are unlocked or opened.


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