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Keyless Entry (Keypad)
The factory set five-digit Keyless Entry code is provided on a wallet sized card with the Owner’s Manual at the time of new vehicle sale. 

Keyless Entry codes may also be obtained from your dealership by using diagnostic equipment. There may be a charge for this service. For security reasons, this information can only be provided to you in person by visiting the dealership. Once at the dealership, you will be required to produce two pieces of information:

  • Personal Identification such as a valid Driver's License or a state-issued picture I.D.
  • The vehicle's documentation with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the name of the person seeking the key codes. Examples could include: a current Vehicle Registration, current Certificate of Automobile Insurance, Vehicle Title, or Bill of Sale.

For instructions on the Keyless Entry system, please visit the Ford Owner Website to view your vehicles Owner's Guide. In some vehicles, the Keyless Entry module may be accessible from the inside of the vehicle and located behind a door panel. For customers that are comfortable with removal and re-attachment of panels or covers and would like to see if their keyless entry module is accessible, please click here.

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