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Ford Motor Company and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) work together to proactively identify areas of concern through investigation of consumer and dealer feedback. During an investigation Ford co-operates fully with NHTSA. Due to our rigorous safety standards and constant testing, not all issues result in recall or customer satisfaction programs.

Ford Motor Company will repair those vehicles specifically mentioned in a recall announcement and programs are VIN specific. If a program is announced on a specific component, Ford will notify you by mail. Should you receive a letter, we suggest you contact your dealer as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. All recall and customer satisfaction program repairs must be completed by an authorized Ford or Lincoln dealer and will be performed at no charge.

In order to receive a refund, the vehicle's owner will need to submit the original repair receipts to any Ford or Lincoln dealer in the U.S. for review. Repairs completed at a non-Ford dealer are not eligible for reimbursement unless the owner paid for the repair prior to the recall announcement.

Provisions for rental vehicles vary by recall program and the owner letter received will provide loaner details of a loaner provision if included.  Your local Ford dealer will also have details on rentals associated with recall programs.

If the vehicle is overseas, these repairs can be completed at the nearest Ford or Lincoln dealer in the host country.

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Recall - Customer No Longer Owns Vehicle
Recall - Refund
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