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VIN Tag Replacement
Replacement compliance labels (door jam stickers) or VIN Plates (under windshield) are only available through a Ford or Lincoln dealer and must be requested by their Ford representative and installed in their presence. Compliance labels are only available for vehicle 5 model years and newer.

Ford has used several methods to identify vehicles and equipment over the years. In early models, aluminum plates mounted on the firewall were used with the data embossed. In the 1950's and 1960's, a combination of aluminum tags and sticky labels mounted in the door jamb area were used. Starting in 1970, only sticky labels were used for vehicle identification.

Authorized Vendors for Tag Replacements of Older Vehicles

Sticky Labels: Only two companies are authorized by Ford licensing to make sticky labels, Marti Auto Works and ECS Automotive Concepts.

Marti Auto Works
12007 W. Peoria Ave.
El Mirage, AZ 85335
(623) 935-2558
E-Mail Address:

ECS Automotive Concepts
1505 Quail Hollow Ct
Ballwin, MO 63021
(855) 532-7846

Metal Tags: Embossed metal tags are available from A. G. Backeast

A.G. Backeast
P.O. Box 40011
Grand Junction, CO 81504
(860) 877-4440
E-Mail Address:


  • Owners must be able to produce an original or damaged tag for replacement
  • There are many sources which claim to be authorized by Ford, but are not licensed.

For other restoration needs, other Ford licensed products can be found online at

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