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Vehicle Emission Control Information
The emissions label may be called Vehicle Emissions Control Information (VECI) Label, Important Vehicle Information (IVI) Label, or Important Engine Information (IEI) Label. The VECI, IVI, or IEI label can be found in the engine compartment on all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. A Certified Clean Idle Label is also considered an emissions label.

Emissions labels must be replaced after a collision repair. Ford Motor Company will only send labels to Ford or Lincoln dealers or Ford Authorized repair facilities and there will be a charge for this service. Only the label that Ford Motor Company records indicate should have been installed on the vehicle when produced will be sent to fill these orders.

Note: For vehicles equipped with diesel engines manufactured by International (Navistar) or Cummins, please contact the engine manufacturer directly. Replacement VECI labels for the 6.7L diesel, which is manufactured by Ford Motor Company, can be ordered from a Ford or Lincoln dealership.

Please contact your nearest Ford or Lincoln dealership in the U.S. to obtain an emissions label. A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is required when ordering labels since engine calibration is used to determine the appropriate level

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