Vietnam: Fiesta Puts Media to the Test

BINH THUAN, Vietnam – The All-New Ford Fiesta knows it’s efficient, stylish and convenient, and challenged media in Vietnam to prove it.

Twenty-five non-automotive media and influencers from southern Vietnam, divided into four teams, travelled to the coastal town of Mui Ne this month to take part in Ford Vietnam’s Media Refuel challenge.

The first test was the Efficient Fiesta – a fuel-efficiency contest between the four teams on a 120-km stretch of road from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne. The second test was the Stylish Fiesta, which challenged the teams to create their own fashion shoot with Fiesta. Finally, the Convenient Fiesta test required the teams to fill their Fiesta with as many people as possible within two minutes.

Laurent Charpentier, managing director, Ford Vietnam, joined media for the event. "I was impressed by their creativity in each contest, and blown away by how passionate they were about Fiesta. And I had a lot of fun as a participant in the Convenient Fiesta test!" he said.

A barbeque was held by the beach to announce the results of the three contests. The winning team in the Efficient Fiesta challenge achieved an impressive 6.03L/120km on the test route, while the Convenient Fiesta challenge winners fit a whooping 15 people into the vehicle.

During the three-day getaway, Ford Vietnam also ran a wide range of lifestyle activities including a visit to a local fortune teller, jet-skiing, karaoke and shopping.

"It was such an exciting and fun trip,” said Ngoc Anh Pham, reporter, Her World, Sun Flower Media. “During the three days I got to know new people, enjoyed the beach, and experienced Fiesta's amazing features."

Phuong Anh, reporter, Marketing Magazine, agreed: "What a wonderful trip! The activities were meaningful and fun. I will definitely join Ford's next event."

The next scheduled Media Refuel event, with 25 non-automotive media and influencers from northern Vietnam, will take place at the Do Son Resort in Hai Phong City on July 30-31.

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