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Sustainability articles

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ONLINE FEATURE STORY | Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao (Nomadland, The Rider) Directs New Ad for Ford Motor Company

The new ad, Built for America: Make It Revolutionary, underscores the company’s push toward a more sustainable America
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Leading a Sustainable Revolution Ford and HP Collaborate to Transform 3D Waste into Auto Parts, an Industry First

Ford is continuing to drive the future of automotive 3D printing
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EARTH DAY: Let’s Build A Better World

Earth Day is about celebrating our planet and supporting global environmental efforts. Watch the video below to see how Ford is supporting the cause of building a better world.
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Electric vehicle manufacturing center in Cologne Germany


Ford’s passenger vehicle lineup in the EU will be all electric by 2030
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Ford Commits to Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Ford Motor Company intends to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050, while setting interim targets to more urgently address climate change challenges.
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Man and woman holding coffee

Double shot of sustainability: Ford and McDonald’s collaborate to convert coffee bean waste into car parts

Together, Ford and McDonald’s can develop sustainable materials from a significant portion of that material.
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ford electric charger

Ford introduces North America’s largest electric vehicle charging network, helping customers confidently switch to an all-electric lifestyle

New Ford all-electric vehicles will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger that can charge regardless of outlet power.
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on the go H20

Thirsty? Try On-The-Go H2O

Ford engineers turn condensation into clean, drinkable water.
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Naturally Tough

For nearly 100 years, the Rouge Center has been a beacon of industrial innovation. Now the team at Dearborn Truck is extending that legacy by showing that toughness and sustainability work hand-in-hand.
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Finding Sustainability in Surprising Places

Ford teams up with Jose Cuervo® to make sustainable materials from tequila byproduct.
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Thinking Forward

Ford’s commitment to the future of sustainability is a key part of our DNA.
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blacked out tail end of a mustang mache

New Generation Electric Vehicles

The Stakes Are High: Inside the Team Developing Ford’s New Generation of Electric Vehicles
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Ask the Gecko

Ford researchers are going back to nature to create the next generation of sustainable materials.
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water bottles

Recycling plastic water bottles

When you recycle plastic bottles, do you ever stop and think about where that plastic ends up? One answer: Ford vehicles.
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