Michigan Central Station, Centerpiece of Ford's Corktown Campus

As Ford reimagines its business for a new century, it has turned to Detroit’s oldest neighborhood as a launchpad for its plans. In Corktown, we are creating an innovation hub in an urban setting to develop, design and test mobility solutions that will shape the future of transportation.


The centerpiece of Ford’s Corktown vision is Michigan Central Station, a beloved Detroit landmark that was acquired in June 2018. The station and a number of nearby properties Ford now owns will anchor a 1.2 million-square-foot innovation hub that draws on talent at Ford and beyond. Our Corktown developments, along with Ford’s transformation of its Dearborn campus currently underway, will create a mobility corridor driving the future of transportation.

Being in the heart of Detroit provides the perfect setting for Ford teams, and our partners in technology, mobility and government, to collaborate on building smart vehicles for a smart world. Corktown will be the place to test out our mobility concepts and city solutions and understand the role transportation plays in revitalizing cities. And Corktown serves as the fulcrum for the company’s push into an autonomous and electrified world.


Our significant investment in Corktown will amplify the ongoing strength and resilience of the neighborhood, the City of Detroit and all of Southeast Michigan. Building on the incredible community already in Corktown, Ford will work together with our new neighbors to integrate entrepreneurship, small business, arts and mixed-use community spaces. Our mission has always been to build better communities everywhere by starting with the ones we call home. It’s how we create tomorrow, together.


Catalyze an innovation hub for Ford and the world to realize the future of transportation. Through a mix of new offices, retail, housing, parks and community places, Ford and its partners will help energize one of Detroit’s most dynamic neighborhoods.


1.2 million square feet, encompassing the Michigan Central Station, the old public school book depository, a former brass factory, a refurbished former hosiery factory (in operation as “The Factory”) and development of 45 acres of vacant land.

Current Presence

Since May 2018, Ford’s dedicated electric vehicle organization (Team Edison) and autonomous vehicle business teams have been based at The Factory.


Future Presence

5,000 new jobs will be created in Corktown — 2,500 from Ford and 2,500 from our business partners who will help us build an innovation ecosystem.

Michigan Central Station Timeline

1912 – Construction begins on Michigan Central Station, designed by Warren & Wetmore, architects of NYC’s Grand Central Terminal

1913 – MCS opens in December, a year early, due to a fire at Michigan Central’s old depot

1920s – Henry Ford begins buying land around the station, but Great Depression squelches plans

1940s – At its peak, MCS serves more than 4,000 travelers a day and houses 3,000 office workers

1956 – Passenger traffic begins its steady decline, leading to service cuts; a $5-million sale of station falls through

1975 - MCS added to National Register of Historic Places; waiting room is formally reopened

1988 - Jan 5th at 11:30 AM, 74 years after the first train steamed in, Train No. 353 to Chicago becomes last train out of MCS

1995 – Matty Moroun-owned Controlled Terminals Inc. acquires MCS, unveiling restoration plan which never happens

2009 - City Council votes to demolish MCS, but an election, budget constraints, and a lawsuit arguing for its historic merit, prevail

2015 - In a compromise with the city of Detroit, the Moroun family commits to replacing windows at MCS

2018 – Ford announces plans for reconstruction of the MCS as new hub for mobility capital of the world.

2022 – Ford plans to open doors to the newly renovated MCS


Contact Us

If you have any questions about Ford’s Michigan Central Station and Corktown campus transformation project, you can email us at corktown@ford.com or leave a message at +1-313-845-3673 (313-845-FORD). Responses will be provided within two business days.

If you’re interested in leasing space within Ford’s Corktown campus, please contact Derric Scott, Senior Manager – Sales, Leasing and Development at dscot182@ford.com or 313-322-6862.