Female employee smiling for camera

Kristin S. Jordan

Research Engineer, Controls and Automated Systems

Kristin Jordan has the exciting job of working on perception and sensor fusion for the Controls and Automated Systems team. Additionally, she helped create the Palo Alto Ford African Ancestry Network (FAAN) Chapter and currently acts as the lead for the chapter. The Palo Alto FAAN Chapter aims to spread awareness and understanding regarding issues of the Black community in hopes of creating an environment where Black employees and allies are inspired to have open conversation.  

Kristin first joined Ford Motor Company as a work study student while attending Lawrence Technological University in 2015. There, she worked for two and half years on the Brake Controls team. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Robotics and Computer Engineering, she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Intelligent Robotics at the University of Southern California. During this program she had a summer internship with Greenfield Labs in Palo Alto. She enjoyed her time at Greenfield Labs so much that she came back to work full time after graduating. She has now been full time at Ford for 3 years.  

Kristin coordinated the first campus wide celebration for Black History month in 2020 and has continued coordination since. The events informed employees about Black scientists and inventors throughout history, African American culture, and the experience of being Black in the STEM field. She also coordinated a Palo Alto Juneteenth event, inviting a guest speaker to talk about the Black LGBTQ+ experience. Kristin is also working on intellectual property sessions to generate ideas for reducing unconscious bias, racial discrimination and harassment. She was awarded the Ford NextGen Champion of Diversity Award for her diversity and inclusion efforts in 2020.  

During her free time, Kristin loves to stay active, socialize with her friends, and watch anime. Additionally, she tries her best to find different ways of keeping her peers connected by hosting game nights periodically. She also enjoys going on hikes around the San Francisco Bay Area with fellow coworkers.