Amy Marentic, Detroit Regional Sales Manager

Amy’s work has grown Ford’s car and small utility business to over one million units a year, and she’s already working on vehicles for 2019.

“My office is a shrine to performance vehicles, along with a Ford award for having the most loyalty of any brand in the industry. It helps me to never forget how important our current customers are.”

Prior to 2011, annual sales of the Ford Explorer had declined from 400 thousand to just 50 thousand. Amy and her team knew they could do better, so they developed a product strategy and a business case to reinvent the Explorer and Explorer Sport. With the help of their work on the repositioning and launch of the 2011 Explorer, the SUV is once again Ford’s second most profitable vehicle in the United States.

Amy’s job doesn’t stop at the Explorer, though. She also works on Ford’s “super segment,” which includes subcompact cars, compact cars, small utility vehicles and midsize sedans. And now, in addition to the super segment, her team has also started working on all of Ford’s electrified vehicles.

It’s easy to imagine that working on so many products could become stressful, but Amy manages her workload with the support of her coworkers and the ability to make time for exercise and yoga. Ford feels like a family to many employees, but perhaps even more so to Amy, since she and her husband both work at Ford.

Where Are They Now?

In August 2016, Amy began her new role as President of Lincoln China. She is responsible for all aspects of the Lincoln automotive business in China and South Korea including profit and loss, product and business strategy, marketing, sales, service and dealer network strategy.