Brittany Connolly, Electrical Engineer

Within her first year at Ford, Brittany found that the auto industry offered the fast-paced work environment she was looking for.

“It feels great to be contributing to so many parts of the Electrified Powertrain Engineering team through the FCG rotational program. There are not many companies that treat you like Ford does.”

Though Brittany never considered herself a car nut while growing up, she was always interested in technology. At Ford, her work on cutting edge features has revealed that her passion for electronics and her growing interest in cars have a lot in common. Though she was worried about her lack of automotive background when she first started, she learned quickly and found that her fresh perspective from outside of the industry could be a big advantage.

Within her first few months, Ford was already starting to feel like a family. “So many people here are passionate about their jobs, lives and others, and it’s contagious,” she says. With the help of her manager and mentor, she has taken on a lot of responsibility and become deeply involved in her department.


Where Are They Now?

After completing the FCG program, Brittany earned a position with Ford as a Charge Cordset Design & Release Engineer, working on the component that electric vehicle owners use to charge their EVs. Brittany enjoys the quickly evolving market of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.