Jeff Reid, Product Marketing Manager

It takes a wide range of skills to lead a successful product launch, but Jeff is up to the challenge.

“There’s one skill that informs everything we do, and that’s the ability to be a passionate voice for the customer.”

It’s not often that an engineer switches to a marketing career. But Jeff Reid did exactly that, receiving his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering before following his passion for customer experience and receiving an MBA in marketing.

The automotive industry, it turns out, is a natural fit for both interests. As a product marketing manager, Jeff closely tracks developments in automotive technology, especially those around connectivity. “Like our customers, I’m always looking out for new ways to bring digital capabilities into my vehicle, whether it’s for entertainment, navigation or just staying connected when I’m on the road.”

The full range of Jeff’s expertise was tested during the launch of the new Lincoln MKC. To introduce customers to the vehicle, he worked with advertising agency partners to craft messaging that cut through the clutter of the crowded SUV marketplace. He then developed a training program for Lincoln dealers to connect directly with customers on the lot in order to drive sales. And for ongoing customer service, he worked with technology teams to deliver real-time vehicle access and personalized client support through the MyLincoln Mobile app.

For Jeff, these solutions are about more than meeting marketing challenges. They’re about delivering on Ford’s brand promise. “A vehicle is a high stakes purchase, not only in terms of price but also in terms of the brand relationship,” he notes. “I love when I can impact that decision by delivering real value to our customers.”