Linda Pond
Application Management Specialist

Linda Pond is riding a wave of change to find new ways to run and secure Ford’s business.

“When I have told others I have a new job they always ask where I will be working – as if I have left Ford! I’ve often explained to those outside of Ford how we are allowed to obtain new positions and reinvent our careers.”

Ford has a long history of innovation, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Linda Pond is a specialist in reinvention. Linda began college as an arts major, but quickly discovered an aptitude for computer information systems. Those skills kick-started her interest in information technology and she began working her way up the IT ranks. When she was presented with an opportunity at Ford, she grabbed it and for the past 10 years has built a career dedicated to building and maintaining the systems that run and secure Ford’s business.

Linda’s responsibilities at Ford have ranged from programming and software quality assurance to business analysis. With each new step, she feels she’s grown in terms of both her technical skills and strategic thinking. It’s a pattern of growth that she sees happening across the company, especially in the increasingly important role of information technology. “It is very cool to see IT evolving and becoming part of the automobile. IT and connected vehicles are going to be a large part of our DNA.”

Linda also brings her ability to turn the unexpected into positive change to her work with Warriors in Pink, an advocacy group for breast cancer survivors and co-survivors. As a Model of Courage, she helps raise awareness and provide programs for others who are in the fight of their lives. “Ford has given me the opportunity to speak publicly to a wide audience about my journey and to help spread awareness.”  

For Linda, the reward of riding these waves of change is the opportunity to make tomorrow brighter for others.

Where Are They Now?

Linda began a new role as Product Designer in April 2016. This new role gives Linda the opportunity to work in Application Devolopment in the Connected Vehicle space.