Sarra Yako, Research Engineer

Sarra received the Ford Motor Recognition Award in her first three months at Ford, but she feels her greatest achievement is the system engineering model she created for the company’s teams.

“My goal as an engineer has always been to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

At Ford, Sarra is continuing her mission to make a difference in people’s lives. Her prior work on functional safety helped her earn a spot on Ford’s team working on automated driving systems, and today, her job allows her to continue working on products that people use every day.

At Ford, Sarra has found that one of the trickiest parts of her job is the difference in internal processes and deliverables across internal teams. As a result, she has tailored her approach to meet the individual needs of each of the groups she works with. In many ways, Sarra finds these various teams feel like parts of a big family. Even though they don’t always agree on a solution, they’re always committed to working out a plan and backing each other up.