Todd Brooks, Global Technology Manager

As a global technology manager at Ford and a deployed U.S. Navy Reserve Force intelligence supervisor, Todd has two serious careers. Thankfully, they both compliment each other in many ways.

“I learned what it really means to have a second family when I was called to duty… While deployed my Ford team sent me care packages, not only for me, but also with stuffed animals and books for the kids I met while working with families out in the southern towns in Iraq.”

Todd Brooks uses many of the same technical and soft skills in his dual careers as a global technology manager at Ford and an active member of the U.S. Navy Reserve.

At Ford, Todd is responsible for all technologies within Ford properties.

“Think ‘smart buildings,’ the Internet of Things and supporting architecture – both internal and external to a building – including security,” he said.  “As part of the Corktown Detroit Development team working on the Michigan Central Station project, I play a role in ensuring we deliver the mobility vision that is key to our mission of ‘smart vehicles for a smart world.’” 

Technology also plays an important role in Todd’s work when he is called to serve in the Navy. 

“I am now in my 25th year of service with the Navy, and early on I was an in-flight electronics crewman,” he said.  “Later in my career I was commissioned as an intelligence officer, which is an incredible job working with technology.” 

In addition to technological acumen, both the Ford and Navy jobs require strong leadership skills, the ability to think strategically and a constant drive to grow. 

Todd says his Ford job “stirs the soul.”    

“I’m working with leading-edge technologies that will transform our buildings, the infrastructure and the very environment our vehicles will operate and interact in.  It’s mind-blowing,” he said.  “The future is looking pretty awesome!”   

At the end of the day, however, it’s the people who make Ford a unique place to work.

“The Ford family culture is unlike any other place I know.  People care,” he said.  “It was completely evident during the multiple times I was called away for active military duty.  There’s just something different about Ford that attracts great people and makes for a great work team and environment.”

When he’s not at work, Todd is a private pilot who flies both traditional aircraft and sailplanes – where you glide through the atmosphere on naturally occurring currents of rising air. 

“Soaring is an amazing sport that demands science to understand weather, navigation and aircraft performance.  Yet there is a significant art behind the actual execution to soar like a bird and harness the energy of Mother Nature to stay aloft in silence for hours on end – all with no engine.”