Todd Brooks, Global Technology Manager

As a global technology manager at Ford and a deployed U.S. Navy Reserve Force intelligence supervisor, Todd has two serious careers. Thankfully, they both compliment each other in many ways.

“I learned what it really means to have a second family when I was called to duty… While deployed my Ford team sent me care packages, not only for me, but also with stuffed animals and books for the kids I met while working with families out in the southern towns in Iraq.”

In the Navy and at Ford, Todd is working in a high tech field with global implications. Both of his jobs demand strong leadership skills, good mentoring relationships, the ability to think strategically and a constant drive to push oneself and grow personally.

At Ford, Todd has been leading great teams for over 20 years. On his last project, Todd’s team worked on a technology upgrade to meet upcoming emissions and fuel economy regulations. They developed equipment to take exhaust measurements and help powertrain engineers make the entire Ford product line as clean and efficient as possible.

Todd’s environmentally conscious work is well aligned with his hobby flying sailplanes. In addition to his two careers, Todd serves as flight director for the Sandhill Soaring Club. In one of the club’s composite gliders, he can take to the skies for hours on end flying on nothing but updrafts of warm air. For flight enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate in environmentally friendly sport.

But when he’s not soaring on currents of rising air, Todd is working on some tough problems on the job. He’s led teams to create police cruiser crash safety guards in under 30 hours. He’s succeeded in a difficult transition from his previous role as operations supervisor to his current position as engineering supervisor. And now that he’s deployed overseas again, Todd’s ability to step up and overcome challenges is clearer than ever.