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The Ford College Graduate Program provides a variety of rotational job assignments for recent college graduates during their first years with Ford Motor Company.

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Provides a variety of rotational job assignments for recent college graduates during their first years with Ford Motor Company. These opportunities are in multiple skill teams that range from Information Technology and Manufacturing to HR and Finance. This program is designed to expand your social networking within the company as well as your exposure to Ford’s culture while building on necessary skills to continue to grow within Ford.



24-36 months depending on your program




Through the FCG rotational program individuals will be given the opportunity to experience various roles throughout Ford Motor Company. This on the job experience and focus on learning will help you to find your strengths and passions to bring the most value to yourself and the organization. 


Professional Development

Ford provides many opportunities for professional development through interactions with management teams and tours of Ford facilities of all kinds. There are also various mentorship programs that allow you to expand your network and develop skillsets to create tomorrow. 


Social Events

Ford FCGs have access to multiple employee resource groups that can provide a strong network of friends/coworkers they can rely on during their careers. There are also multiple networking opportunities cross functionally for FCG’s.


Education Programs

Ford encourages higher education by providing the Ford Salaried Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) that supplements higher education costs. 


Post-Program Placement

FCGs take an active role in working with their Talent Development Team to ensure their post-program placement aligns both with their interests and business needs.



Help us build the best and we will bring out the best in you and further your career.