Ford Business Leader Program

The Ford Business Leader program develops the General Management capabilities necessary to manage the profit & loss of a business, market or product line within the company.

Program Overview

The Ford Business Leader Program provides you the unique opportunity to accelerate your professional development and position yourself as one of our future executive leaders. We are looking for leaders who are able to create a platform for change; people who can inspire, educate and guide others. Our competitive program is open to candidates from top MBA programs who demonstrate an ability to excel at a global business level. If you are ready to join a community of professionals who are constantly innovating, this is the opportunity for you.

Designed With You In Mind

The program provides:

- Diverse business experience - Three challenging and impactful assignments in Marketing, Finance, and Global Strategy.

- Personalized assignments - Hand selected assignments tailored to your strengths and developmental opportunities.

- Leadership partnering and executive mentorship - Your success in the program will be a collaborative effort. You will connect with remarkable business leaders globally with deep knowledge of both our business and the industry. An executive mentor will serve as your guide, providing support throughout the program.

- Sharing your voice - Regular forums with leaders across the enterprise enable you to share your insights and hear other perspectives on current and future business challenges.

- Your professional development - Each assignment will provide you with the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of key business areas. You will be challenged to accelerate your professional development through:

- Developing a deep understanding of our global business and the complexities of the changing industry 

- Understanding the fundamental drivers of our business and how to leverage these to improve performance

- Acting as a catalyst for change, challenging existing assumptions and demonstrating an ability to ideate and develop new ways of doing business

- Driving business strategies to deliver on Ford’s vision

- Leading, educating, inspiring, motivating and developing others

Your assignments will place you in a global context and forge strong partnerships across geographies. Upon completion of the program candidates are expected to progress into a general management or skill team management role within the company.

Program Requirements

- Qualified candidates must have an MBA from a top university

- Minimum three years of relevant experience or industry experience in strategy, management consulting, investment banking, private equity, technology service, entrepreneurship or marketing

- Passion to work in a fast-paced, complex, global environment and an aptitude for developing business acumen and capability

- Proven leadership skills that energize, educate and motivate others

- U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status (green card)

Cross-Functional Leadership Opportunities


Daniel Patton, Director of Manufacturing-Supervisor

-  Develop and manage the annual budget for 5 North American Assembly Plants

-  Collaborate with Operations team to identify cost risks and opportunities in order to increase manufacturing fitness

- Ensure that the ongoing financial realities the of manufacturing are communicated effectively to other functional areas    


MJ Ahmed, Marketing Alliances Manager

- Build brand equity and differentiation through strategic alliances that promote and elevate the Ford brand with our key audiences

- Assess Ford’s current marketing alliance portfolio to identify opportunities for efficiency and business goal alignment

- Create and execute a strategy for future alliances and partnership that allow Ford to reach key audiences

- Manage day to day execution of existing alliance strategy by partnering with internal and external cross functional partners

Global Strategy

Matthew Simpson, Manager, Enterprise Services Strategy

- Manage the development of a services cycle plan that aggregates all service-based businesses across all global business units. Service businesses are a high priority opportunity for Ford that will allow us to better serve our customers, create higher value experiences that combine product and services, and access new growth opportunities

- Develop Ford’s perspective on service business development, including POVs on what businesses to go after and how to incorporate them into the organization

- Develop and manage a process and framework to launch service businesses within business units. In effect, launch several mini start-ups, continually test them, and recommend prioritization for those with the highest value potential

- Work in-depth with cross-functional vehicle teams to create and implement complementary services to our vehicles that will create and capture additional value for Ford and for our customers

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