Ford and DowAksa Kick off Carbon Fiber Collaboration


Today, carbon fiber is largely limited to expensive, low volume, high-performance vehicles. The material’s high strength and low weight make it a smart choice for cars with a focus on speed and handling – like the upcoming Ford GT. But lightweight materials can also pay big dividends in fuel economy and even hauling capacity, as in the case of the lighter aluminum-intensive 2015 Ford F-150.

Today, carbon fiber’s high cost makes it impractical for most everyday vehicles. That’s why Ford is collaborating with DowAksa to advance research on cost-effective, high-volume manufacturing of affordable carbon fiber auto parts.  DowAksa brings experience with carbon fiber production, while Ford offers expertise with automotive design and high-volume manufacturing.  

Long-term, the hope is this relationship will enable car buyers to benefit from the use of carbon fiber in an affordable way.  Learn more