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Supply Chain Management

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A. Working Conditions Training and Assessment

Working Conditions Assessments (as of 12/31/2017)AmericasAsia PacificEuropeMiddle East & AfricaGlobal Total
Assessments completed to date407563113501,133
Follow-up assessments completed to date (third party and/or internal)584697170571,508
Working Conditions Training (as of 12/31/2017)AmericasAsia PacificEuropeMiddle East & AfricaGlobal Total
Training sessions conducted to date8263319185
Total number of attending companies1,0671,0394201042630
Total number of trained managers (attendees)1,7411,3577021693,969
Working Conditions Training (Scope of Impact: Supplier-Submitted Data as of 12/31/2017)Global Total
Training cascade to management, individuals trained36,917
Training cascade to workforce, individuals trained769,857
Communication to suppliers, number of sub-tier companies153,680

B. Total Supplier Sites Trained/Retrained in Sustainability Management

Cumulative, since 2005


C. Total Purchases From Tier 2 Suppliers

$ billion


D. Audit Findings – Prevalence of non-conformances in 2017 initial audits conducted


Labor – Total96
Presence of Child Labor0
Child Labor Avoidance Policies and Management Systems44
Freedom of Association33
Presence of Forced Labor0
Freely Chosen Employment Policies and Management Systems74
Humane Treatment11
Wages and Benefits48
Working Hours78
Health & Safety – Total93
Emergency Preparedness85
Food, sanitation and housing22
Health and Safety Communication4
Industrial Hygiene33
Occupational Injury and Illness48
Occupational Safety59
Physically Demanding Work26
Environment – Total74
Air Emissions7
Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions26
Environmental Permits and Reporting11
Hazardous Substances63
Materials Restrictions15
Pollution Prevention and Resource Reduction11
Storm Water Management37
Wastewater and Solid Waste15
Ethics – Total56
Business Integrity7
Disclosure of Information4
Fair Business, Advertising and Competition41
No Improper Advantage15
Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation22
Responsible Sourcing of Minerals22
Management System – Total96
Audits and Assessments81
Company Commitment22
Corrective Action Process33
Documentation and Records7
Improvement Objectives70
Legal and Customer Requirements52
Management Accountability and Responsibility81
Risk Assessment and Risk Management85
Supplier Responsibility85
Worker Feedback and Participation4