Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive hiring is the foundation of what we believe and what we do. At Ford Motor Company, we understand that our differences, and being unique, help make us stronger and more innovative. Our differences reflect the customers we serve and the customers who help drive our business.


At Ford, we believe a diverse and inclusive workforce — one that represents all of our customers — makes us a better, stronger company. That’s the foundation of our FordWorks initiative.

Our FordWorks pilot program focused on assisting individuals with autism – at nearly 90% unemployment, this community is the most underrepresented. With 1.3 billion people in the world who have a disability, 70% of which are invisible, we have expanded our program to assist individuals who identify as having a disability.

FordWorks aims to correct this deficiency by utilizing the strengths and insights these valued members of our community offer. The FordWorks program not only contributes to business objectives and enhances diversity at Ford, but adheres to our desire to contribute to a “Better World” through collaboration with and support of those in the community around us.

Our participants work in various skill teams such as IT, Product Development, Credit, and Manufacturing and we are looking to expand to other skill teams across the company.

Ready to get involved?

FordWorks has partnered with Upbound at Work for the hiring, training and on the job support of individuals who identify as having a disability. Are you interested in becoming a FordWorks candidate? If so, please contact Upbound at Work (, 877-463-2266) and a representative will assist you with the pre-employment process. Interested candidates may email their resumes to