From the armed forces to our workforce

At Ford, we’re thankful for all the men and women who serve in our military. And when you’re out of the service, we want to help you find what’s next. That’s why we have several programs dedicated to placing transitioning military members and veterans in jobs at our company.

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Let's connect

We want to connect with you at upcoming military installation job fairs.

If you are a transitioning military member or veteran interested in finding out more about Ford Dealership opportunities near you, please join us at one of the events listed below:

06/05/2019 - Fort Campbell Summer Hiring Event, Fort Campbell, KY, Cole Park Commons

06/18/2019 - Fort Hood SFL-TAP Mega Career Fair, Fort Hood, TX, Club Hood

If you have questions about upcoming events, please send an email to Vanessa N. Benson, Colonel, US Army Retired, Ford Motor Company Military and Veteran Initiatives, at





Introduce yourself

Whether you're looking to get more information or are ready to connect with a Ford Dealership, we are here to help!

Introduce yourself and send your resume to Colonel Benson at
Here's a helpful email template to get you started:

Full name

Email address

Mobile phone number 

Branch of Military Service

Current Military Rank

What is your Military Occupation 

Years of military service

Desired Ford Career Field 

Date of AVAILABILITY to start work

City and State you are interested in relocating to

Additional Experience:  Diesel or Aviation Mechanic, Body Shop Repair, Welding, College degree, Tool Sets, etc.)