Time To Escape?

The pandemic has ripped through our perceptions of time – “What day is it?” is common refrain, with each day, week and month blurring into the next. We simultaneously have too much time, and not enough. But one thing is largely true across the globe – whether we’re bored and stir-crazy, exhausted from being stretched too thin or feeling a sense of unease, we’re all looking for inventive new ways to escape the ordinary.

“I spend too much time on the internet (surfing the web, social media, apps).”

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“I resent being interrupted by my devices.”

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“During the pandemic, I feel I have more time to get things done during the day.”


of adults globally agree

“Since the pandemic began, I have felt less rushed in life.”

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“I use my vehicle...”

To relax:


To get privacy:


As a place to work:



The results for Ford Trends 2021 are based on 13,005 online interviews across 14 countries, conducted under the direction of The Harris Poll. The survey was conducted among the general population, ages 18 years and older in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. Respondents from Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates were required to be nationals of their respective countries; data from these two countries were combined and analyzed in aggregate. All fieldwork took place between October 27 and November 12, 2020. While the data within countries were weighted to be representative, the overall sample of 13,005 was not weighted across countries. That is, we do not claim that aggregated data is representative based on country population sizes across the participating countries.

Region Country Sample Size
Australia 1,001
Brazil 1,000
Canada 1,000
China 1,000
France 1,000
Germany 1,001
India 1,000
Italy 1,000
Mexico 1,000
Spain 1,000
Middle East Saudi Arabia 501
Middle East UAE 502
UK 1,000
USA 1,000
Total 13,005

We have defined generational cohorts as follows: Gen Z (18-23), Millennials (24-39), Gen X (40-55), Boomers (56-74).