Cautious Optimism

74% of adults envision what they want their future to look like and take steps to make it happen. Individuals are looking inward to find solutions to the fears and stressors of today with each generation feeling a sense of responsibility to make changes for the better. On average, just about half of people believe society will be stronger in five years - so it's no wonder that many feel we need more love and forgiveness in the world, with nearly eight in 10 affirming that mistakes are an opportunity to do better, rather than a punishment.

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I believe society will be stronger in five years


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I believe my actions can influence positive change

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My generation has it better than previous ones

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It's up to my generation to make things better

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I envision what I want my future to look like

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I pray about what I want my future to look like

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Multi racial group standing together

85% think more love and forgiveness is needed in the world

Mistakes should be an opportunity to do better, not punish

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The results for the Ford Trends 2023 survey are based on 16,120 online interviews across 16 countries. The survey was conducted among the general population, ages 18 years and older in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States. Respondents from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia were required to be nationals of their respective countries. The United States had an additional youth sample of 352 teens (ages 14-17). While the data within countries were weighted to be representative, the overall sample of 16,120 was not weighted across countries. That is, we do not claim that aggregated data is representative based on country population sizes across the participating countries.

Region Country Sample Size
Australia 1,005
Brazil 1,006
Canada 1,004
China 1,004
France 1,005
Germany 1,003
India 1,004
Italy 1,011
Mexico 1,005
Middle East (nationals only) Saudia Arabia 509
South Africa 1007
Spain 1,006
Thailand 1,035
Middle East (nationals only) UAE 503
U.K. 1,003
U.S. 2,020
Total 16,120

We have defined generational cohorts as follows: Gen Z (18-25 years of age), Millennials (26-41 years of age), Gen X (42-57 years of age), Boomers (58-76 years of age).