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About Us

Ford is a family company, one that spans the globe and has shared ideals. We value service to each other and the world as much as to our customers. Generations have made their memories with us and included us in their hopes and dreams. After 121 years, we’re used to adapting to and leading change. That is why we are evolving to focus on services, experiences and software as well as vehicles.

Two kids with a dog and a man smiling and sitting on a red Ford vehicle

Our purpose

We are here for one purpose, to help build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams.

Jim Farley and Elena Ford smiling and clapping at a podium

Our leadership

With the people of Ford around the world, our leadership is committed to serving all of our stakeholder groups. Like generations of leaders before them, they understand that by helping to create a world with fewer obstacles and limits, we help people to move forward and upward.

Black and white photo of Henry Ford standing next to a vehicle

Our history

Henry Ford transformed not only the automobile but working life and the role of transportation. Having played our part in everything from the birth of the middle class to the recent global pandemic, we serve the world with integrity and competence. The Blue Oval is one of the most recognized corporate symbols in history, continually striving to earn the trust of all stakeholders.

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Our brands