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Our mission is to work with teams across Ford in an inclusive, safe environment to discover the unknown and help validate wild ideas using human-centered, data-driven problem solving. We perform rapid experiments and extensive research to discover if software solutions will solve customer problems. If not, we provide what we learned and move on. If yes, we deliver exceptional software and experiences that customers actually want.



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Our team focuses on helping software teams unleash their creative muscles and explore their ideas by leveraging Human Centered Design, Lean Startup and eXtreme Programming (XP). We work in small, balanced teams that usually consist of a Product Manager, Product Designer and Software Engineers.

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Product Managers

Product managers maintain an entrepreneurial mindset while working with the product team to understand a problem space, ideate, and validate an ideal solution. They help deliver an innovative product that routinely evolves through user and stakeholder feedback.

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Product Designers

Product designers are responsible for the research, sketching, wireframes, and high-fidelity design through the lifecycle of an engagement. They represent the voice of the user, collaborating with the team to create customer-focused products.

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Software Engineers

Software engineers create in pairs, use test-driven development to build sustainable products, and deliver value continuously. They work across the full stack of technologies to plan, prioritize, and push code often.

Our Work

Kilowatt Academy

Kilowatt Academy

Exploring the Electric Vehicle Adoption Curve

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Ask Ford

Enhancing Self-Help Support

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Leading Ford into the New Era of E-Commerce

Retroquest software


RetroQuest helps teams facilitate better conversations during ceremonial retrospectives.

Peoplemover software


PeopleMover provides a birds-eye view of product team staffing and makes it easier to rotate team members across balanced teams within a group.



We’re great at what we do and we want to share what we're learning with you. Read our best practices in product design, software engineering and product management.

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