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Ford invites us to bring our whole selves – all of our passion, inspiration, integrity and uniqueness – into the office each day.

I choose inclusion


Our diversity makes us a stronger, more innovative team. We are focused on three strategic priorities within Diversity and Inclusion.


It is important that we embed our Diversity and Inclusion strategies into every part of our company to leverage our innovative workforce, compete in the marketplace and serve the community. Diversity and Inclusion is a collaborative effort across our entire enterprise. Here are just a few examples:

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People Leaders at all levels are instrumental in creating a culture of belonging where all employees can thrive by bringing their authentic selves to work. Inclusive leaders embrace courageous dialogue, seek to understand, and serve as allies, mentors and sponsors to create a positive employee experience for all team members.

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Embracing a diverse workforce is a business imperative and key enabler to delivering The Plan. We must leverage different perspectives, backgrounds and thinking styles in order to craft the best products, services and experiences for our customers and communities. Diversity breeds innovation; the companies that attract and retain the most talented and diverse workforce will win.

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Inclusion is more than just bringing diverse groups of people together, but rather finding ways to amplify the voices of everyone in the room. Every member of our Ford family deserves to be respected, valued and heard. That means we don’t just talk about what’s important, we take clear actions to make a difference.