Ford Credit

We’re redefining the automotive financing business and helping our customers pursue their dreams.



We’ve been the financing arm of Ford Motor Company for more than 60 years and are “all in” on the company’s goal to build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams.

As a result, we’re not just evolving. We’re upending what it means to finance vehicles. 

Every day, our team of software engineers, UX designers, finance experts, customer service specialists and automotive professionals come together to reinvent the purchase and ownership experience for millions of our retail and commercial customers.

The world has changed dramatically since our founding. Our customers now live lives that are always on… so we are working to constantly deliver new and improved services that are also always on. 

Our customers’ pursuits of their dreams won’t stop. And neither will our efforts to build a better world where those dreams are possible.  

Ford Credit Video - This is Ford Credit. We’re constantly setting new industry-changing standards for our customers.


Our team proves every day that creativity and innovation are the key ingredients in solutions that empower our customers. It’s literally in our company’s strategic priorities to “recognize and celebrate our successes and failures.” Why? Because, by tapping into our individual and collective imagination and curiosity, we’re able to simplify, disrupt and modernize our business to better serve our customers as they change, and as their needs evolve.


At Ford Credit, our team members have access to countless resources for learning new skills, broadening their perspectives, and gaining new understanding and experiences. This includes instruction on strategic processes such as design thinking, professional skills such as coding, individual growth subjects such as empathy and allyship, and even learning more about our products and services. Why? Because growing personally and professionally ultimately makes us a better team to serve our customers and build that better world we’ve been talking about.



The world is changing faster than ever before, and we want teammates who thrive on harnessing that rapid change for the good of our customers, our communities, and our world. Come join the Ford Credit team as we redefine the business of automotive financing to enable our customers’ never-ending pursuit of their dreams.