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The value of our business is rooted in our purpose to help build a better world where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. We are committed to making our purpose evident in every part of our business, from the way we source our materials, to the vehicles we create, the services we provide, and the interactions we have with our customers, employees, and communities.

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2022 Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report

We’ve been building the future for 118 years now. But you don’t have to go back 118 years to witness how we have transformed the ways people move and connect. Learn more in this year’s Integrated Sustainability & Financial Report.

Supplementary Reports

Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report Summary

Human Rights Report

TCFD Report

ESG Data Book

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Additional information including ESG reporting frameworks, corporate policies and statements, and previous sustainability reports.

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Responsible Material Sourcing

Ford aspires to responsibly source all raw materials used within our vehicles globally.

External Grievances


You have identified a violation of human rights or the environment? Do not hesitate and inform us. Click below for next steps.