Man standing next to orange Ford Mustang car

Ford Global Brand Licensing

Ford Motor Company trademarks and vehicles are some of the most recognized and loved in the world. In order to request the use of Ford Motor Company’s trademarks, logos and/or vehicle images, please follow the submission instructions below.

Vehicle Clubs & Enthusiasts

For any new Ford Enthusiast club requests or existing club inquiries for merchandise, club questions, etc.

Consumer Products Licensing

In an effort to both enhance and protect the value of the Ford name and image, Ford is constantly engaged in both promoting its trademarks and policing their use to ensure persons and businesses authorized to do so use the trademarks (including names, logos, vehicle and part images) in an acceptable manner.

For licensing inquires to use Ford trademarks on consumer products, please submit a detailed request to

Limited Use Brand Requests

For personal usage of Ford Motor Company trademarks and vehicle images, such as the use in personal items like birthday cakes, retirement signs, etc. – please submit your request including any available attachments to

Commercial: If your company or organization, including Ford suppliers and vendors, would like to request the use of any Ford Motor Company trademarks and vehicle images for limited use in things like advertisements, presentations and case studies, please submit your request to