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Ford has demonstrated a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion by endorsing and leveraging the power of our Employee Resource Groups, various organizations of employees who share similar characteristics or life experiences and desire to use those similarities to create cross-functional workplace connections, provide professional development and advance business imperatives.

Ford Interfaith Network (FIN)

Founded in 2001, the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) aims to assist the company in becoming a worldwide corporate leader in promoting religious inclusion and understanding, corporate integrity and human dignity. FIN has worked to ensure employees of all religions have the freedom and comfort in bringing their whole selves to work, expressing their faith in an appropriate and meaningful ways, while promoting religious understanding and mutual respect. FIN supports the needs of the company by providing its members developmental assignments, building strong community relationships, and achieving business objectives.


MENA – Middle East and North Africa Association

MENA is a network of Ford Motor Company employees with backgrounds, roots, and interests in the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. MENA’s goal is to build bridges to consumers of Middle-Eastern and North African backgrounds, both in North America and around the globe, by promoting awareness of the richness and diversity of MENA cultures and helping to attract and develop employees with roots and/or backgrounds in these cultures.


Ford Asian Indian Association (FAIA)

Founded in 1996, FAIA presently has approximately 3500 participants worldwide. The key initiatives include:


Brand Promotion: to improve Ford's top-line and develop an integrated approach with Ford Multi-Cultural Marketing targeted towards the Asian Indian Community.

People Development: to improve Ford's bottom-line by developing strong future leaders and continue the successful Mentoring & Executive Shadowing programs, and organize Lunch & Learn sessions as well as Networking events.

Corporate Citizenship & Community Outreach: to improve Ford's image in the community.


Ford Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender Employees (GLOBE)

Ford GLOBE represents Ford employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT) and their supporters. Ford GLOBE’s mission is to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere within the Company for LGBT persons. The Employee Resource Group provides a venue for networking, socializing and communicating among active or retired LGBT employees, contractors and supporters as well as offer support services for employees coming out or transitioning at work. GLOBE encourages and assists Ford in its efforts to achieve greater market share among LGBT consumers.


Ford Veterans Network Group (VET NG)

One of our newest employee resource group, the VET NG seeks to raise awareness within the company about our Veterans, their issues and contributions to the company. VET NG seeks to promote and create opportunities for sales within the active military and Veteran communities. We employ over 6,000 Veterans, with over 2,000 employees still active in the Reserve/ Guard. The VET NG supports Veteran career fair events, overseas troops with care packages, and the Ford Volunteer Corps in Veterans-related community events.


Women of Ford

Women of Ford is an ERG dedicated to the unique needs of the Women of Ford, bringing together employees to work on delivering our vision and mission. Women of Ford invites all employees, at all moments in their career journeys who have a passion for inclusion and equality and believe in the value of empowerment and the development of women to participate!​


Ford-employees African-Ancestry Network (FAAN)

Founded in 1994, FAAN is the first and oldest of Ford's employee resource groups. FAAN champions workplace diversity at Ford by making a positive impact on the African-American community, and by actively promoting and supporting the Ford brand throughout the community. For its constituents, FAAN focuses on developing people through mentorship, networking, and other employee engagement activities.


Our participants support summer internship programs, recruiting at minority-focused career events, and collaborate with the Company to produce a spectacular annual Black History Month celebration. In the Detroit area, FAAN provides SAT coaching to local high schools, supports the Detroit pre-college engineering program, partners with the Detroit NAACP for an annual youth career summit with focus on STEM field, and provides major support for the United Negro College Fund annual fundraiser. In addition, FAAN hosts numerous other community outreach initiatives throughout the year. In short, this ERG and its participants are FAAN-tastic!!


Ford Empowering Diverse Abilities (FEDA)

Founded in 2002, FEDA helps ensure the company's ongoing commitment to employees with disabilities and provides a first-stop resource for information and networking tools for employees dealing with disabilities of their own or of others. FEDA works in concert with efforts in the United States and Europe to help Ford vehicles become the mobility vehicles of choice for customers dealing with disabilities.


NextGen – Ford Next Generation Employees Network

NextGen was founded as a resource group to help connect new, current, and future employees across all service organizations. We focus on promoting onboarding success and retention, network expansion, career development, community engagement and personal development. Email us at


Ford Hispanic Network (FHN)

Founded in 2001 Ford’s Hispanic Network Group (FHNG) promotes cultural awareness, community service and diversity within the labor force. Through service and support, FHN strives to be a positive force in the Hispanic community as well as to employ, develop and retain Hispanics in the workforce. Signature programs include the Clark Park Clean-Up, LaSed Senior Citizen Christmas Dinner, Hispanic Heritage Event, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Lunch and Learn events, mentoring and shadowing opportunities.


Ford Chinese Association

One of the oldest employee resource groups at Ford, FCA represents a highly motivated group of dedicated professionals who are eager to bring diversity to the workplace. FCA members actively engage in events and activities that assist in Ford's growing operations in China and Ford's marketing and design efforts in North America. FCA organizes activities throughout the year to promote cultural diversity, improve community relationships and enhance the work-life balance at Ford. FCA also makes efforts to help its members with their professional growth by organizing seminars, workshops and one-on-one sessions with senior management. FCA reaches out to outside communities by organizing fun activities and participating in community service events. For its achievements, FCA has been recognized by Ford with five Diversity Summit Awards.