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Ford has demonstrated a commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by endorsing and leveraging the power of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs are organizations of employees who share similar characteristics or life experiences and desire to use those similarities to create cross-functional workplace connections, provide professional development and advance business imperatives to cultivate an inclusive culture.

Ford African-Ancestry Network (FAAN)

Founded in 1994, FAAN is committed to building a group that would be inclusive and impart a sense of community among all employees in the company.


Ford Asian Indian Association (FAIA)

Founded in 1996, FAIA presently has over 3,500 members worldwide working together to promote the Ford brand inside and outside the company.


Ford Chinese Association (FCA)

One of the oldest employee resource groups at Ford, FCA represents a highly-motivated group of dedicated professionals who are eager to bring diversity to the workplace.


Ford Empowering Diverse Abilities (FEDA)

Founded in 2002, FEDA offers employees with disabilities, their family members with disabilities, caregivers and others who are passionate about their mission, an opportunity to network and get support from those who share similar backgrounds, experiences, or interests.


Ford Hispanic & Latino Network (FHLN)

As Ford’s trusted go-to resource for Hispanic and Latino matters, FHLN drives efforts to attract, develop and retain talent at Ford, enrich the experience of all employees by embracing and infusing Latino culture at Ford Motor Company, and invest in their local communities through community service and educational outreach.​


Ford Interfaith Network (FIN)

Founded in 2001, the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN) aims to assist the company in becoming a worldwide corporate leader in promoting religious inclusion and understanding, corporate integrity and human dignity. ​


Ford Indigenous Peoples Network (FIP)

The Ford Indigenous Peoples Network aims to support employees who share the heritage or identity with Indigenous People to improve diversity of perspective, talent attraction and retention, and expand the customer base.  Indigenous Peoples are distinct social and cultural groups that share collective ancestral ties to the lands and natural resources where they live, occupy or from which they have been displaced. The land and natural resources on which they depend are inextricably linked to their identities, cultures and livelihoods, as well as their physical and spiritual well-being.


Ford Pride

Ford Pride represents Ford employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or queer+ (LGBTQ+) and their supporters to foster an inclusive and supportive atmosphere within the company for LGBTQ+ networking, socializing and communicating among active or retired LGBTQ+ employees, contractors and supporters as well as offer support services for employees coming out or transitioning at work.


Ford Veterans Network Group (VET NG)

The VET NG seeks to raise awareness within the company about our veterans, their issues and contributions to the company and seeks to promote and create opportunities for vehicle sales within the active military and veteran communities.


Middle Eastern and North African Association (MENA)

MENA is a network of Ford Motor Company employees with backgrounds, roots, and interests in the cultures of the Middle East and North Africa who seek to build bridges to consumers of Middle Eastern and North African descent, both in North America and around the globe, by promoting awareness of the richness and diversity of MENA cultures and helping to attract and develop employees with roots and/or backgrounds in these cultures.


Ford Next Generation Employees Network (NextGen)

NextGen was founded as a resource group to help connect new, current and future employees across the company. Ford Next Gen focuses on promoting onboarding success and retention, network expansion, career development, community engagement and personal development.


Women of Ford

Women of Ford is an ERG dedicated to the unique needs of the women of Ford, bringing together employees to work on delivering their vision and mission. Women of Ford invites all employees, who have a passion for inclusion and equality, as well as a belief in the value of empowerment and the development of women, to participate, regardless of where they are in their career journeys.​