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Our Blueprint for Sustainability


The Ford Production System (FPS) is a continuously improving, lean, flexible and disciplined common global production system that encompasses a set of principles and processes to drive a lean manufacturing environment. Key elements of the system include effective work groups, zero waste/zero defects, aligning global capacity with global market demand, optimizing production throughput, and using total cost to drive performance.

Each principle has a set of guidelines, or “measurables,” that help us to meet or exceed objectives. The measurables are deployed and tracked for every manufacturing location using the SQDCPME Scorecard, which keeps focus on the vital components of a sustainable business: Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, People, Maintenance and Environment.

Many processes have been put into place to support the FPS and the Scorecard, including SQDCPME metrics, internal process confirmations and FPS Best Practices. The Scorecard is reviewed regularly by management, and progress against SQDCPME targets is a factor in the performance reviews of all managers in the manufacturing chain of command, from site-level managers to Ford’s CEO. Each Manufacturing employee has an annual performance review that is based on objectives that are derived from the Scorecard. Manufacturing’s Scorecard objectives are cascaded through each organization down to the plant floor-level employee at the beginning of each year, to create alignment on objectives and measures of performance throughout the Manufacturing organization.

Manufacturing is integrated with Product Development in the Global Product Development System (GPDS). Beginning early in a program, the GPDS includes deliverables for Manufacturing that drive a consistent and reliable process through the implementation of such requirements as efficient die construction practices, standard and current bill of process, manufacturing design specifications, modularity and complexity. The standard bill of process allows us to confirm that our operations include all of our global best practices, as well as effective failure mode avoidance and successful process quality control. Manufacturing Engineering utilizes computer-aided, or “virtual,” design for manufacturing, which is aligned with the GPDS milestones, to improve the efficiency and quality of vehicle assembly.

Manufacturing works within the Global Quality Operating System (QOS) to develop, measure and continuously improve robust processes. This work starts early in the product development cycle to ensure that our manufacturing facilities are able to achieve the metrics outlined on the Scorecard. By following the disciplined processes and deliverables of the GPDS, the FPS and the QOS, we are able to continue defect prevention and reduce “things gone wrong” and warranty spending using global design rules and the manufacturing standard bill of process.