Customers and Products

We produce high-quality, smart, safe vehicles. And we go further to make them better – for customers, the planet, and everyone on it.

The Key Issues

Lower Emissions Across Our Portfolio

We take a portfolio approach to improving fuel efficiency and cutting vehicle emissions, one that spans new powertrain technology, electrified vehicles and lower-carbon fuel options.

  Reducing Vehicle CO2 Emissions

Our Materials Strategy

We are increasingly using recycled, renewable and recyclable materials with a lower impact across their life cycle, and working to eliminate substances of concern.

  Using Sustainable Materials

Exceeding Expectations

We aim to give our customers great experiences, from data handling to dealerships, and address any quality and satisfaction concerns quickly and effectively.

  Product Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Safety: Our Number One Priority

We are committed to building inherently safe vehicles with additional driver assist technologies, and encourage safer driving behavior through training and awareness programs.

  Improving Vehicle Safety

What Our People Say

Debbie Mielewski,Senior Technical Leader in Materials Sustainability, Ford

My goal is simple: to make our vehicles with as many renewable materials as possible. My team and I look for bio- and plant-based waste streams and literally turn it into car parts. After decades of research, we’ve accomplished some pretty remarkable innovations. But the road to a more sustainable vehicle hasn’t always been easy.”