How We’re Driving Change

Since we set out on our sustainability journey 20 years ago, the world has evolved and there is greater recognition of the scale and urgency of collective challenges like climate change. For Ford, the commitment to create a better world is as strong as ever before. We apply our global reach and resources to bring about positive impact, provide trusted mobility and drive human progress.

Creating Positive Impact

Changing How Products Are Made

Creating quality vehicles in an environmentally and socially responsible way is fundamental to Ford’s approach. We invest in world-class facilities, drive innovations in manufacturing and materials to achieve greater resource efficiency, and work with suppliers to ensure we reduce our combined impact on the world around us.

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  Our Climate Commitment

We are helping address climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicles, operations and supply chain, and by using sustainable materials.

Providing Trusted Mobility

Changing the Way People Move

In the context of growing cities and concerns over air quality, tailpipe emissions and congestion, society needs new and better ways to move. We’re creating smart vehicles and mobility solutions for a smart world, based on our vision of easier, safer and cleaner journeys for all.

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  Scaling Up Electrification

We’re building on nearly two decades of experience in electrification to create clean, efficient and affordable electrified vehicles at scale.

  Smart Vehicles for a Smart World

To transform our mobility solutions of the future, we’re investing heavily in self-driving vehicle technology and making Miami the hub of our real-world research.

  Building the City of Tomorrow

The future of urban transport requires intelligent movement, and we’re searching for viable solutions and platforms for a growing population.

Driving Human Progress

Changing Lives for the Better

Ford touches many lives as an employer, a trusted brand, a global purchaser and a member of our communities. We want to shape the future through transformative products, serving our customers, assisting disadvantaged populations, strengthening the supply chain and building safe, inclusive workplaces.

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  A Force for Good

From supporting local communities to investing in young talent and empowering women around the world, we seek to make a positive impact on society.

  Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain

We aim to source raw materials responsibly, protect human rights and work with suppliers to share best practice, build capacity and ensure transparency.