As well as managing the impacts of our production operations directly under our control, we accept that our environmental responsibility also extends to our wider supply chain.

The Key Issues

Less Energy, Lower Emissions

Maximizing efficiency is the key to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and facility energy use, but we also look for ways to reduce our footprint through the use of renewable energy.

  Energy and Emissions

Effective Water Stewardship

Clean, safe water and adequate sanitation are fundamental human rights, so we focus on responsible water stewardship, to avoid any negative impacts on this precious resource.

  Water Use

Aiming for Zero Waste to Landfill

Our global waste reduction plan outlines how minimizing waste to landfill wherever practicable will help us to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

  Waste Reduction

A Lighter Supply Chain Footprint

With thousands of suppliers, from component manufacturers to freight partners, we are committed to sharing best practice and working alongside them to help reduce the environmental footprint of our entire supply chain.

  Environmental Impact of Our Suppliers

What Our People Say

Kaitlin Sheehan,Environmental Engineer, Environmental Quality Office, Ford Motor Company

As we begin the construction of the new campus at our Dearborn headquarters, our sustainability group is in contact with the design and construction teams on the ground, to actively track progress against our goals and objectives. Although it’s still early, our hope is that these efforts will lead to significant improvements in the overall energy and environmental performance of the campus, exemplifying Ford’s commitment to sustainability.”