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Global Mobility

The world is becoming more crowded and urbanized, air quality is a global issue, and consumer preferences are changing rapidly. However, the new digital age is bringing exciting opportunities for potential solutions, which Ford is helping to drive. Ford’s Mobility plan is using technology and innovation to address these global trends and to make people’s lives better.

How We’re Driving Change

Changing the Way the World Moves

Ford Motor Company was built on the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress. It’s a belief that has always fueled our passion to create great cars and trucks. And today, it drives our commitment to become the world’s most trusted mobility company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world that help people move more safely, confidently and freely.

A Fast-Moving World

Crowded Cities, Growing Populations
  • Air pollution and congestion
  • Strain on transportation systems and highways
  • Doubling of the global middle class by 2030 and more car ownership
Nature on the Edge
  • Growing demand for energy, water and raw materials
  • Climate change impacts from the use and manufacture of vehicles
Changing Consumer Priorities
  • New behaviors shaped by the digital world and sharing economy
  • Increasing appetite for ride sharing and different ways to own or use a car

Core Growth, Emerging Opportunities

Emerging opportunities in mobility are a substantial potential growth area and a strategic priority for Ford. The traditional business model no longer applies, and there are significant organizational challenges and opportunities for Ford as we develop into an auto and mobility company.

The future shape of the industry and the regulatory framework governing future solutions are hard to predict in detail. Multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnering can help foster innovation and success. We know there will be winners and losers emerging from the disruptive, dynamic mobility space. Knowing where to play and how to win is key.

We aim to lead in connectivity, autonomous vehicles, data analytics, the customer experience and mobility – we call our plan for this Ford Smart Mobility.

By pursuing emerging opportunities in key areas, including electrification, autonomy, and mobility services and solutions, we are driving future growth potential and responding to transportation challenges faced by cities across the globe.

We’ve identified three key areas of opportunity where we can lead:


Become a top player in electrified solutions


Lead the development and application of fully autonomous vehicle technology


Develop services and business models

Our Performance

Helping the World Move Smarter

We’re using our technology and know-how to bring to life our vision of the future, with smarter forms of mobility operating within more sustainable cities.

$11 billion investment in electrified vehicles

40 new electrified vehicles to come globally by 2022

10 years’ leadership in autonomous vehicle technology development

90% of new Ford vehicles to be connected by 2020