People and Society

Our whole Ford family – employees, contractors and dealers – is committed to the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress.

The Key Issues

Putting People First

We are a human-centered company. Whether it’s our customers, employees, partners or communities, we obsess about the wants and needs of people to improve their lives. We are in the vehicle business – moving both people and goods. Delivering vehicles that are smart and connected, that will thrive in a new transportation operating system. Evolving our business to capitalize on new opportunities requires us to unleash the best in our people, provide a collaborative and safe workplace, embrace diversity, and attract and develop a highly skilled, motivated workforce.

  Our People

Protecting Human Rights

We were the first automaker to recognize that protecting human rights in our operations and our supply chain is an important sustainability issue, and we remain committed to respecting human rights everywhere that we operate.

  Human Rights

Helping the World Move Smarter

At the heart of our vision are more sustainable cities with smarter forms of mobility. We’re helping achieve this by putting our technology and know-how to work for a better world.

  Global Mobility

Investing in Society

By working with, and contributing to, the communities where we live and work and wider society around the world, we can help improve quality of life for all.

  Our Contribution to Society

What Our People Say

Joe Fodera,Research Operations Manager, Ford Motor Company

I actually feel like I am making a difference to better the world. It’s been one of the most exciting times in my 15 years at Ford. Seeing the passion with the employees invigorates my level of excitement. I honestly enjoy coming to work every day.”