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Attraction and Retention

Ford is always searching for the best and brightest talent who can take our business forward. That means finding candidates with innovative ideas and a customer-centric mind-set.

Finding the Right Talent...

We aim to attract a diverse range of qualified candidates for all our jobs. To do this, we partner with professional organizations, build relationships with top universities, and utilize digital tools to find the best students and recent graduates. Our executives often visit campuses, sharing information and meeting the next generation of potential automotive leaders.

We also attend meetings in the communities in which we live and work to foster relationships with individuals and companies, to build connections and expand collaboration.

In 2017, we began onboarding our employees in a streamlined and more efficient way. New hires can now complete their tasks and paperwork in a customized web portal prior to their arrival. This allows the new employee to spend their first day being immersed in Ford Motor Company and their new role, rather than completing forms.

Why Ford?

In a series of focus groups across all regions, employees told us why they were attracted to Ford:

  • Ford’s history, reputation and brand value

  • The development and career opportunities available

  • The range of both formal and informal training opportunities

  • The importance of diversity

  • The people, the family culture and Ford values

...And Keeping the Best Onboard

Finding and hiring the right candidates is important, but so too is ensuring they have a strong onboarding experience once they join. We know this plays a significant part in aiding and improving employee retention. Our U.S. onboarding program, Get Started, equips new employees with the tools and networks that enable them to be productive as soon as possible.

Get Started includes a company overview and corporate orientation, which features presentations, Q&As with each skill team area and meet-and-greets with Ford’s senior leaders, as well as providing new recruits with the resources available to them. Additionally, our internal social media platform The Hub further engages new employees and helps build the Get Started community.

Ford Ranked Among World’s Most Attractive Employers

Ford is proud to say we are one of the world’s most attractive employers according to Universum’s 2017 Talent Survey, taken by more than 294,000 students in the world’s 12 largest economies. The annual survey ranked our company based on characteristics like work environment, innovation, future earnings, and leadership in development.

Ford was ranked 12th by those studying engineering and 42nd among business students.

We are committed to hiring the best and brightest leaders, while continually expanding the diversity of our entire team. We know that a diverse workforce truly makes us a strong company.”

Kiersten Robinson

Kiersten Robinson,Group Vice President, Human Resources & Chief HR Officer, Ford Motor Company