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Our Contribution to Society

Ford Motor Company has always been much more than just an employer – we’re also a neighbor. From investing globally in talent for the future to advancing sustainable communities, we aim to make a positive impact on society.

How We’re Driving Change

Investment and Engagement

Our support for the communities in which we operate and for wider society goes beyond just donating money to good causes. It’s also about building long-lasting partnerships to address the challenges our neighbors face, helping provide food and shelter, improving educational opportunities, and contributing to emergency relief and disaster response.

We’re driving change across three key areas:

Community Life

Advancing sustainable communities around the world


Building a talent pipeline for tomorrow

Driver Safety

Encouraging safer driving globally

Ford Fund: Coordinating Our Impact on Society

The Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services – or Ford Fund for short – oversees and coordinates our volunteering efforts and philanthropic investments, supporting initiatives in community life and education, as well as encouraging safer driving.

Our Performance

Investing in Society

We can help improve quality of life for all by working with, and contributing to, the communities where we live and work, as well as society as a whole.

$63 million in total charitable contributions in 20171 (Community Life $36.8m, Education $18.4m, Driver Safety $7.8m)

  1. Contributions from Ford Fund, and Ford Motor Company contributions administered through Ford Fund.

More than 237,000 volunteering hours donated by current and retired employees through the Ford Volunteer Corps

More than $1.5 billion donated to date to civic organizations to strengthen communities around the world

100 STEAM scholarships worth up to $10,000 each awarded in 2017