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Public Policy

Every day, around the world, governments make decisions that in turn have an impact on our business. As a global company, it is important that, wherever we operate, we have a voice in policies that affect our business. We must also continue to be recognized as a credible source of information to help shape those policies.

Supporting the Policy-Making Process

We seek to support our business interests by participating openly and transparently in the political process. Our aim, across a range of issues, is to be part of the solution. We support local, regional, national and international policies that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable for our company, our customers and their communities.

In our major markets, on issues of the highest priority, we maintain regular dialogue with legislators and regulatory officials. We share our expertise and add our perspective to the policy-making process, which is overseen by our Government Affairs offices around the world.

Advocacy Through Coalitions and Associations

To leverage our resources more effectively on important issues, we work with numerous external partners. We belong to a broad range of partnerships, coalitions, industry groups and trade associations that advocate for legislation and regulation on behalf of their members. This work helps us develop and promote policies that could have far-reaching benefits for our company, our industry and society as a whole.

Of course, there are times when our views may not align with those of the associations to which we belong. In such cases, we always reserve the right to speak with our own voice and make our own stance clear.

One such instance was in response to the midterm evaluation of greenhouse gas (GHG) standards, when we made our position clear: “We support increasing clean car standards through 2025 and are not asking for a rollback. We want one set of standards nationally, along with additional flexibility to help us provide more affordable options for our customers. We believe that working together with EPA, NHTSA and California, we can deliver on this standard.