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Letter From William Clay Ford, Jr. and Jim Hackett

“The purpose of any company should be to make people’s lives better. Otherwise, it shouldn’t exist.”

Ford Motor Company was founded on the belief that freedom of movement drives human progress, and our aspiration is to become the world’s most trusted company by designing smart vehicles for a smart world. As a global company, our culture is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, opinions, experiences and perspectives from all over the world. Together, they help make our business stronger and foster a truly collaborative workplace.

Today, we continue to face challenges that affect lives around the world, from increasing congestion, air quality and the effects of climate change. Their implications are profound and the cost of not addressing them is too high.

We know climate change is real, and we remain committed to doing our part to address it by delivering on CO2 reductions consistent with the Paris Climate Accord. We already have charted our course for the future that includes investing $11 billion to put 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicle models on the road by 2022, as well as responsible development of the self-driving car.

As we look to the future, we know we can do even more around the world. We have a vision that will move us from just reducing our impacts on the environment to actions that will positively affect it.

In an increasingly electric and connected world, our vision for smart vehicles in a smart world will make transportation more efficient and accessible. New mobility solutions will help take vehicles off the road while providing community and connection.

For example, we are building the Transportation Mobility Cloud, an open platform that will allow for the orchestration of these mobility services in a system, and it will create a better experience for its users. Its promise is that it will support a more efficient transportation system that works to our advantage in reducing congestion, emissions and improving the overall quality of life.

Even as these mobility solutions evolve to be different in the future than they are today, our core belief will remain constant: we will continue to work to make people’s lives better through greater access to mobility, more connectivity, less congestion and reduced emissions.

We will deliver smart vehicles for a smart world, and we will remain committed to doing what’s right to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

William Clay Ford Jr.

William Clay Ford, Jr.,Executive Chairman

William Clay Ford Jr.

Jim Hackett,President and Chief Executive Officer