Our Vision

The Freedom to Move Drives Human Progress

In line with our expansion to be an automotive and mobility company, our long-term vision is not just about selling more cars. It’s about making people’s lives better with the freedom to move.

Our business model positions us to lead in areas with huge potential to revolutionize how people move – more efficiently and sustainably.

Our Aims

Trusted Mobility

To become the world’s most trusted mobility company, designing smart vehicles for a smart world.

Driving Human Progress

To provide products and services that help create a better world and facilitate freedom of movement.

Positive Impact

To not just lower our footprint, but to develop product innovations that have a positive contribution to society.

Our Enablers

Building on Our Strengths

We’re prioritizing the strengths that differentiate us and help us stand out:

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Trucks
  • Electric Vehicles

by investing in our core business of:

  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Servicing

Sustainable Growth

We’re pursuing emerging opportunities in key areas by driving innovation at every level.


Autonomous Vehicles

Mobility Services and Solutions

Navigating a Changing World

Responding to Global Trends

Our strategy reflects the rapidly changing world around us. It recognizes seismic shifts in lifestyles, aspirations and global trends, as well as major challenges facing all of us, and the emerging technologies, such as electrification and autonomous vehicles, that can help address them.

Rapidly Growing Cities

Shifting Lifestyles, Aspirations and Consumer Trends

Climate Change

Digitization and the Sharing Economy


Air Quality Concerns

To Go Further

We Are Working Toward Ambitious Long-Term Goals

Global Mobility

We are focused on delivering our Ford Smart Mobility plan, providing solutions such as on-demand ride sharing to complement mass transit and continuing to invest in advanced vehicle technologies.

Customers and Products

We continue to produce high-quality, smart, clean and safe vehicles that delight our customers, by pursuing fuel economy improvements, electrification, lightweighting, alternative fuels, sustainable materials and safety excellence.


We have comprehensive programs in place to help us reduce energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste to landfill.

Human Rights/Supply Chain

We aim to protect human rights, build supplier capacity, assess compliance, and improve the transparency of our mineral sourcing. We’re also working to reduce our collective environmental footprint, build understanding of carbon and water footprints, and source from diverse suppliers.

Health and Safety

The safety of our people is always a priority of the utmost importance. We will always target zero fatalities and serious injuries. We aim to drive continuous improvements and improve employee health.

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