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Silicon Valley

A growing Ford team is creating new connections between automotive and computer technology in the birthplace of the digital revolution.

Ford Greenfield Labs

For the people of Silicon Valley, mobility is measured in megabits per second rather than miles per hour. At Ford our team of advanced researchers, engineers, designers and scientists is creating new connections between automotive and emerging technical and design innovations in the birthplace of the digital revolution.

The Ford Greenfields Labs, Palo Alto facility is one of the largest automotive manufacturer research centers in the region. Today, it is home to nearly 300 researchers, engineers, designers and scientists, and growing. With two new buildings and 182,000 square feet of work and lab space, Ford Greenfield Labs, Palo Alto is focused on bringing the best of Silicon Valley to accelerate the realization of Smart Vehicles for a Smart World.

Exploring the future of mobility - Ford Greenfield Labs

Ford Greenfield Labs is both a space and a culture that cultivates curiosity. We develop cutting edge approaches to research at the intersections of social and natural sciences, human-centered design and technology. We work collaboratively to address problems and iterate possible solutions. Our work creates the foundations and insights to help us not only prepare for, but also help shape our social and technological futures. We are creating tomorrow, together.

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Priya Rajendran

Director, Product Innovation and User Experience

Priya and her team try to understand and anticipate the way people will interact with their cars now and in the near future.

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John Michael Ferrer

Research Engineer, Emerging Tech Integration

John Michael takes pride in leveraging a breadth of skills bridging creative and technical disciplines.

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