two construction workings working on roof with table saw and wood

Ford Fast Track Job Program

With priority given to residents who live in the Michigan Central impact area, this 4-month paid work experience program begins in 2020.

• New 4-month $15/hr paid work experience at Michigan Central Station

• Enhance the pipeline of Detroiters to trade opportunities

• First Cohort to launch this year

• Interested parties can register at this summer

• Preference will be given to Michigan Central impact area residents


Ford, Detroit at Work, Christman | Brinker, Workforce Development Institute, Dixon Construction Services Inc., and Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council are creating a transparent pathway for Detroit residents to access trade opportunities on local projects.


We will use the Michigan Central development project to help Detroit residents gain access and opportunities to good-paying careers in the construction industry, and ensure local contractors are provided with a pipeline of trained and committed workers.

The Fast Track Program provides a new bridge.

Owners and developers want to hire locally and expose Detroiters to the profession and build interest, skills and lasting relationships.

Trades desire to hire qualified Detroiters and value on-the-job experience combined with training to provide an opportunity to explore the trades and make stronger career connections.

Establish a four-month work experience that builds upon existing training programs.  

This paid, work experience program will be a joint initiative to provide a curated pathway from existing training programs to skilled trade employment.


The Fast Track Program is designed to leverage existing training, pre-apprenticeship and on-boarding programs to identify a cohort of 25 Detroiters with preference for those residents who live in the impact area.

Individuals selected for the four-month program will be compensated $15 per hour for a 40-hour week and receive wrap-around supports.


1. DETROIT AT WORK - Visit our website for more information or go to a Detroit at Work Career Center to meet a Career Advisor.

2. D@W TRAINING PROGRAM - Enroll and successfully complete a Detroit at Work construction trade training program.

3. APPLY TO FAST TRACK PROGRAM - After completing one of the training programs, participants that have not yet joined a trade can apply to participate in the Fast Track Program with priority given to those residing in the Michigan Central impact area. Individuals in pre-apprentice or on-boarding programs shall also be recommended for the Fast Track Program.

4. COMPLETE FAST TRACK PROGRAM - Participate in the 4-month work experience & mentorship program. 

5. PLACEMENT - Trade contractors will have the opportunity to hire directly from the program.



Eligible candidates must:

• Be a Detroit resident referred by a training partner

• Be 18+ years old

• Pass a drug screening

• Pass a physical exam

• Take WorkKeys assessment

• Complete a personal interview

• Submit to a background check


The program will operate as an extended work experience and job interview where participants will meet and engage different trades. 

The project coordinator will provide regular trade assignments to participants.

Participants will engage multiple trades throughout the work-experience to gain hands on experience.  


• Career counseling support

• Practice interviews 

• Practice entrance testing

• Math remediation

• Transportation needs

• Case management support

• Tools/boots as necessary


Our intent is that participants will apply for permanent, fulltime jobs with trade contractors and apply to apprenticeship programs.  

We anticipate participants may initiate their apprenticeship before the four months is completed.

The project coordinator will work with participants during the work experience to conduct mock interviews, practice exams, and provide greater understanding of the trades.

All outcomes will be tracked and measured.

Registration will open at Detroit at Work this summer. Go to to apply. Preference will be given to residents who live in the impact area.