stacked face sheilds in plant

Ford will produce face shields in its Brazil and Argentina plants to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Ford manufactured medical supplies will be donated to health professionals on the front line fighting the disease.

• Ford will initially produce 50,000 face shields at its plants in Camaçari, Bahia, and Pacheco, Argentina, that will be donated via public agencies and NPOs to health professionals on the front line fighting the disease.

• Additionally, Ford is making available vehicles to the Red Cross, in Brazil and Argentina, to assist in transporting teams and supplies. This action is also being extended to Chile, Colombia and Peru.

• These initiatives are in addition to important actions previously announced, such as the repairing of non-functional mechanical ventilators and the postponement of vehicle installments financed by Ford Credit.

In order to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, Ford today announces that it will initially produce 50,000 face shields at its facilities in Camaçari, Bahia, and Pacheco, Argentina, to equip health professionals working on the frontline treating patients who have contracted the virus.

The face shields, manufactured with acetate sheet and support parts, are part of the essential personal protective equipment needed by health professionals at this time. Distribution at points of service to health workers will be coordinated through Municipal Departments of Health and the Red Cross.

Ford's extensive experience in design, supply chain, manufacturing and logistics was essential for the creation, in record time, of a production line for these face shields. This will be carried out solely and exclusively by volunteers, whilst respecting social distancing, protective care guidelines, personal and workplace hygiene safeguards.

“Family is at the forefront of Ford values and have been for over 100 years. The desire to help and care for people is an integral part of our tradition. In these difficult times, our actions become even more important,” says Lyle Watters, president, Ford South America.

This initiative is one of a number of actions being implemented by the company in Brazil and Argentina to address the challenges we all face in this unprecedent situation. In Brazil, Ford has also joined the task force formed by CNI/SENAI and other companies to refurbish mechanical ventilators, which have been discarded or in need of maintenance. This equipment is critical in the treatment of some patients with Covid-19.

In addition, the company will lend vehicles to the Red Cross in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru to assist with the transportation of teams and supplies. The fleet includes Transit, Fusion, EcoSport, Ranger and Ka models, as well as an ambulance.

In order to help consumers, who have financed their vehicles through Ford Credit, the company also announced the possibility of postponing up to three installments of the financing to the end of the contract.

“Ford South America is committed to the safety and health of its employees and will collaborate with efforts to combat this pandemic and its unprecedented impact on all aspects of social and economic life”, adds Lyle Watters.